We Are Light-O-Rama!

We’re all about creating dynamic shows by mixing lights, music and motion via electrical control of almost anything and everything. Have you seen the computerized Christmas shows where the lights dance to the music? That’s us. What about the interactive exhibits in museums and haunted houses? That’s us, too.
What just one of our customers says says about LightO-Rama : I've always been into Christmas lights. People would drive up, look for about a minute and drive away. Then I used LOR to animate my lights to music. Now I have to hire off-duty policemen to direct the traffic. Peolpe love it.
Margo Chester in Chicago
Love it
What just one of our customers says says about LightO-Rama : I wanted to do something to get people talking about my store. When LOR made the lights dance to the music, well, WOW! It was just for Christmas but people come back all during the year to thank me for the memories.
Art Smith, Waco, TX
What just one of our customers says says about LightO-Rama : We have plenty of haunted houses that are to scarey for most families. We decided to take our boring yard display and make everything flash to the music. What a success! Thanks you so much Light-O-Rama!!!
Hunter Lawrence in Seattle

It's Easy!

Thinking about pulling it all together yourself? Checkout out typical setups. Our off-the-shelf controllers are used all over the world. At Light-O-Rama we make it easy: Imagine it, then do it! Want to really impress them? Create a show where all your special effects are perfectly synchronized to the music. People will stop in their tracks, watch what you have created and go home to tell all their friends.
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Don't know where to start?

It's not complicated. Think about the light switch when you enter the room. In the Light-O-Rama world, instead of one on/off switch, you have eight or more dimmers and they're all under your control. Eight not enough? Just add more Light-O-Rama controllers.

Into RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lights?  Any bulb can be any color at any time.  We call them Cosmic Color Devices and you'll just call them WOW!

Haven't a clue where to start?  Don't worry.  We have lot's of tutorial videos and a list of certified partners more than willing to help.

Light-O-Rama.  Imagine it then do it!

  • Controllers

    Ready to control the world? We can help. High or low voltage. LEDs or incandescents. DMX-512 or servos. Chances are we know how to do it.

  • RGB. Any color at any time

    You're staring to see them. Lights that seem to change color all by themselves. Let Light-O-Rama show you the magic!

  • Not sure where to start?

    Trying to get your head around what you can do with Light-O-Rama technology? Don't worry. We make it easy.

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